About Us

When you put together three great friends that all have a love of interesting and unique fashion jewelry, you end up with Unique Fashion Jewelry Designs. That’s what we are all about. Those great jewelry styles from the bizarre and unusual to charming accents for just about any fashion accessory.

We are talking fun Halloween and Steampunk looks, animal styled jewelry, vintage and modern, along with great choices for today’s brides.

For more years that we care to count, we have been searching for the perfect design for earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, broaches, even charms. And we have created our own jewelry from scratch, so you will get to share in some of those how to make your own.

Fashion jewelry designs are just too numerous to sift through on your own, so let us do it for you. Fun, amazing, beautiful and unique all come together for you.


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