Lizard Designed Bangle Bracelets

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Lizard-BraceletsUnique, beautiful and unusual, these lizard bracelets will enhance your own personal style. As bangle styled, they are bold, glittering with gorgeous gemstones. Any animal lover or unique jewelry lover will appreciate them.

Unusual Designs in Animal Jewelry Kingdom

Whether you are an animal lover and want to show off your passion, or a unique jewelry lover and like being a little different, lizards are a great look. Their natural thin, long bodies are an ideal shape to form bracelets. Imagine a bejeweled lizard adorning your arm. Makes for a fun conversation piece and an elegant addition to your wardrobe.

Gemstone Lizard Bangle Bracelets

These are my favorite looks for lizard, or gecko if you prefer, bangle bracelets. Typically, silver is my choice for jewelry, so the first one is perfect for me at most times. But, I have to admit that I also adore vintage and antique looks. I have plenty of outfits where something more antique works better.

 Silver Tone Reptile Lizard Gecko Clear Crystal Rhinestone Cuff Bangle Bracelet Antique like Topaz Crystal Rhinestone Lizard Gecko Love Couple Bracelet Bangle Brass Toned Blue Zircon Crystal Rhinestone Lizard Reptile Cuff Bracelet Bangle

Then I have the issue of blue being my favorite color. Just about anything blue works for me, including my jewelry. For both the Topaz and Blue Zircon bangle bracelets, I love the look of the black eyes on the lizard. Having said that, I will also add that the green eyes on the silver bracelet is just plain stunning. Whatever your particular style, elegant, antique, even whimsical blue fun, a lizard on your arm can be perfect.

Find Your Favorites, Too

Showing off your unique style is not hard when you pick jewelry that works with that style. When you see something you love, you know you have hit your style. You can see lots more choices at lizard bangle bracelets including the beautiful silver and gemstone wrap style one I featured in the top picture.

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