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My daughter, though born long after the “Peace and Love” of the 1960’s, absolutely loves to wear jewelry featuring the peace symbol or the word peace. She has several pieces from casual to really nice. She’s always looking to add a new item to her collection. There are so many options out there but I wanted to share a few of her favorites.

Fancy Occasion Peace Necklace

Her nicest peace sign necklace is a sterling silver with diamond accents. The chain is also sterling silver and in the box design, which I love. It’s so strong yet it looks delicate. Less worry of the chain breaking and losing the pendant if you have a box chain.It’s kinda funky yet stylish and fancy enough to wear when dressing up. The 1/5 tw of diamonds make it sparkle just the right amount. She’s worn it to special dinners, weddings and school functions. You don’t have to be a young girl to wear this stunner either. It’s a great piece to add to any jewelry collection.

Everyday Peace Bracelet

This is one of her all-time favorites. She wears it most everyday. It looks great with jeans, shorts or even a skirt. Again, a bit on the funky side which makes it sassy and fun to wear. She gets lot of compliments on it too!

It’s made by Footnotes and features a brown leather cord with knots on either side of the sterling silver peace symbol. It also has an engraved quote around the outside oval saying: ”There is no way to peace” & ”Peace is the way”. The quote is attributed to A.J. Muste.

Peace Symbol Earrings

Earrings are a must for most women. My daughter’s favorite peace symbol earrings and the ones she wears most days (fancy and casual) are like these. Again, they are sterling silver but these are enhanced with black diamonds on top of the peace design.The black diamonds are brilliant cut and add a sparkle to your ear lobes that is just as much at home with jeans as it is with a dress. Imagine the look on her face if your favorite girl opened these as a gift!

A Note About the Peace Symbol

The peace sign was originally designed by Gerald Holtom for a nuclear disarmament movement in Britain. Today, it is an international sign of peace recognized by all. My daughter says she wears it not as a symbol against war but as a reminder of the ultimate goal — world peace.

That’s a pretty cool reason, right?

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