Sterling Silver & Turquoise Bracelets

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Silver-and-Turquoise-BracelWithout a doubt, silver bracelets with inlays of turquoise stones are popular pieces of jewelry. And for good reason. These are gorgeous designs. And clearly one of my favorite looks.

Beautiful Quality

When it comes to jewelry, beauty and quality make a world of difference. We want the pieces that add adornment and accents to our look to be of the kind of quality that shows our style. We also want pieces that add to our own beauty both outside and in.

Fashion Silver & Turquoise Bracelets

Some of my favorites include cuff bracelets which make a beautiful look on the wrist. But multi-strand bracelets have a charm all their own. Turquoise is usually seen as Southwest or Native American in origin. Even if this isn’t your particular style, you can still include silver and turquoise as part of your look.

 Barse Sterling Silver Southwest Turquoise Heishi bracelet with Turquoise Inlay on 5 strands of Liquid Silver, 7 Anna Beck Designs

Mix and Match Styles

I have never had a problem mixing up the styles of jewelry that I wear. It’s certainly fashionable to mix gold and silver, and various gemstones are always mixed nicely even in single pieces. So, I say, why not mix up jewelry styles? It can create a lovely look on any women. Of course, always feel comfortable with the effect that comes from mixing up. If it causes you to say “wow” then you know you have a hit. Maybe even a new fashion fad with your friends.

More Choices to Enjoy

There are lots of choices when it comes to bracelets that set off the silver and turquoise look. You may prefer a beaded single or multi-strand, or you may want a larger cuff bracelet. Any direction your preference goes, the designers have you covered. Take a look at silver turquoise bracelets to see more choices. Then pick your favorite one or more and have a look that you love.

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