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Zombie-NecklaceWhether it’s for Halloween or for Goth styles, Zombie necklaces make great choices. The world of the undead is both fun and popular. We are getting ready for the Zombie invasion, remember.

Halloween parties, costume parties, or just for the fun of wearing Halloween jewelry all October, there are many choices for zombie necklaces.

Choices for Men and Women

Zombie designs are available to hang from the neck for both men and women. For men, they are typically called dog tags, with a pendant hung from a simple chain. For women, we all know these as necklaces. The pendant is more decorative as is the chain often times. But a simple chain works for women’s styles as well.

Great Goth Zombie Looks

When looking Goth, or dressing for the Zombie invasion, your accessories can include some great looks. Here are some of my personal favorites.

 Victorian Steampunk Sugar Skull Necklace Zombie Day of the Dead Pendant Charm Lady Skeleton L3 White Zombie Premium Guitar Pick Necklace Victorian Steampunk Sugar Skull necklace Zombie Day of the dead pendant charm Human diamond Head

The first one on the right is perfect for any Goth, Halloween costume or even a Steampunk look. The pink skull of a Victorian woman is such an eye-catcher. It’s perfect for my own Zombie lady costume. But, the jeweled skull on the right is another great look that will get some attention from just about everyone.

For the guys, a guitar pick dog tag pendant works great. He doesn’t even need to be a guitar player to enjoy this look. It’s all about the world of the undead after all.

More Zombie Necklace Choices

Of course, those jewelry manufacturers who enjoy making necklaces for the world of Zombies have many different styles and looks. The options are too numerous to show here, but you can see plenty of them at Zombie Necklaces, including the Zombie hunter one that I show in the above picture. That one happens to be a great favorite of mine for both men and women.

So don’t be afraid. Go ahead and show off your Zombie, Goth, even Steampunk style with one of these necklaces. You will get plenty of comments, I can promise you that. A perfect complement for your Zombie costume this year.

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